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Ourfoodprint is an initiative that aims to help people make ethical, healthy and environmentally friendly food choices. The essence of the website is to highlight how each one of us affects the world around us and our health with the food choices we make. This site is our contribution to the larger global movement towards more sustainable lifestyles. is not a company or an NGO, just a personal initiative of an concerned Indian couple - About us. So, there is no budget for” awareness”, no agenda to spread fake information or buy huge ads in papers to convince you to make choices. What we have is information that affects all of us: genuine, researched and documented information gathered through many years of work. We may not have a.... budget for fancy ads or provocative offers...

But, we have proof: visual proof, videos and photographs to show you (the truth) where your food comes from and tell you about the lies you are sold.  We do not yet have lobbies or the  influence to make policy changes... Yet, we believe the truth can  help you make the best choice, for you, your family and the well being of the world around us.

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Programs, investigations and other activities conducted by OFP.


Leaflets, booklets, infographics, memes, reports and videos relating to the foodprint of our diet choices. 

About us

Who we are, our objectives and the thoughts behind this site