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Lower your foodprint

Of any lifestyle change, going vegan is the best one can choose. It has the most benefits for your health, the environment and animal welfare. While this shift is the most beneficial, one can start by reducing meat and dairy products.  That by itself can have considerable positive benefits all around.

A plant based diet can be easy to follow, healthy and tasty. For those of you looking at changing to a vegan diet or increasing your intake of plant based foods, this section provides some key tips towards helping you make the transition


Learn about current global trends in favour of replacing animal foods with plant based foods, including trends in vegan adoption, reduction initiatives and the potential of innovative foods.

Vegan Nutrition

Important tips on nutrition, for those looking at moving towards a vegan diet. Also learn why plant based foods are better sources of both protein and calcium, as compared to animal products.

Meal Plan

Easy to stick to and healthy vegan meal plan that make shifting to a vegan diet much simpler.


Giving up meat and dairy products does not mean you have to give up the tastes and flavour of foods that you have grown to like. There are good plant based replacements to almost all animal products. 


A collection of some of our favorite vegan recipes.