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Dr. Chinny Krishna

Dr. Chinny Krishna is the co-founder and is currently the Chairman Emeritus of the Blue Cross of India, one of India's largest and oldest animal welfare organisations.

'Healthy' milk from this?

An interview with Ingrid Newkirk, an animal rights activist, an author, and the president and co-founder of People for the Ethical Treatment

Vegan Stroganoff LPQ

Le Pain Quotidian introduces a special vegan menu! 

7 places, covering 3500 kms, in 14 days, we went on a road trip to the Heart of India...Madhya Pradesh.

Creating awareness with a fun filled event!

Creating awareness about poaching of elephants and rhinos

Creating awareness on yum vegan food options at a fun flea market.. :)

An undercover investigation by of a small family run tabela (dairy farm) in Karjat, show's how farmed animals get abused even in relatively small scale family run tableas in India.

Does the spread of organised retail, with meat & dairy products available in neat plastic packaging off the shelf de-sensitise us from what we are really putting onto our plates.