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Animals & Factory Farms

Far from idyllic, spacious pastures shown in ads, factory farms consist of large numbers of animals being raised in extreme confinement, with little concern paid to their welfare or basic rights. 

Animals feel love, fear and pain, similar to any human. Do farm animals raised for meat, dairy and eggs have the right to live a life free of pain and suffering? 


Meet the farm animals

Farm animals are little known or understood by most of us. These animals are gentle, shy animals, with strong social and family bonds. With the growth of factory farming, these gentle creatures are being subjected to the most cruel and inhumane of practices, all in the name of higher production rates and profit margins.

Read their story below


Inquisitive, social and intelligent birds. Are chicken the most abused animal on the planet today?


Cows can be domineering, curious, mischievous, loving, friendly, and adventurous. Learn about a dairy cows life and see why milk isn't really vegetarian.


Described as curious, insightful and intelligent animals. Female pigs are confined in gestation crates for most of their lives. Learn why it is considered one of the most cruel practices in factory farming. 


Affable, inquisitive, social and free roaming animals, who are now being subjected to severe abuses in broiler farms due to the destruction of grazing lands.


Beautiful mysterious creatures, we know little about. With over fishing wiping out entire populations in the ocean, fish in aqua farms are facing similar abuses as other factory farmed animals.