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Dr. Chinny Krishna

Dr. Chinny Krishna is the co-founder and is currently the Chairman Emeritus of the Blue Cross of India, one of India's largest and oldest animal welfare organisations.

Dairy subs workshop

Learning something new, healthy and yum! Plant based dairy substitutes for milk, curds, desserts n more..

To year end and new beginnings

To year end and new beginnings

'Healthy' milk from this?

Vegan Stroganoff LPQ

Le Pain Quotidian introduces a special vegan menu! 

A pictorial representation of global land challenges and livestock's role in the same. 

A pictorial representation of the risks to our major agricultural systems, and livestock's role in global hunger & sustainability. 

A pictorial representation of the state of the ocean's fishing stocks. 

A pictorial representation of growth trends in the aquaculture sector

A pictorial representation on trends in the livestock sector in India. 

A pictorial representation of global trends in livestock production and consumption. 

Examine the latest data from NASA, with relation to carbon dioxide concentration levels, sea levels, global temperatures and the artic ice caps and decide for yourself. 

An undercover investigation by of a small family run tabela (dairy farm) in Karjat, show's how farmed animals get abused even in relatively small scale family run tableas in India.

Naturally milk is only meant for children until they are weaned off, and no species consumes the milk of another animal.

Naturally, milk is a substance only consumed by a baby until the child is weaned. Lactase, the compound used to break down lactose in milk, is generally only produced during childhood.

Not all fats are the same.

Consumption of animal milk & milk products is one of the most unnatural of human activities.

The human body is not designed to consume meat products without harmful side effects.