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A small cowshed near home

'Healthy' milk from this?

We live in a fairly nice area of Mumbai, with a young upwardly mobile crowd. In a back lane here there is a 'tabela', a cow shed. From what I remember there were around 4-5 cows there and within the 100sqft area, it was already quite full. But in the past one year alone there has been a huge rise in the number of cows there.

There are almost twelve or more cows there now. Twelve thirteen cows, in a 100sqft area, all packed together and mostly tied down. Recently, 2 new young calves possibly around 4-5 months old, have been added and they are tied outside the tabela. These little calves have been tied outside next to a haystack, for the past one and half months. Including through the sweltering heat of afternoons here, and to make it worse the entire space place is filthy..

The funny thing is, there is a constant stream of people who seem to be feeding them things like bread etc, even touch their heads (presumably for blessings) but do not seem to notice the condition the cows are in. I took a number of photo’s today, under some random excuse of being an ‘American’ who wanted 'India pics', because the man running the place was very suspicious.

He would’ve been worried since it was obvious that the cows are sick, with wounds, with dung all over them and severely blistered legs. The one’s inside lifelessly stare out, over the pile of each other’s bodies... The cows outside look startled and scared when you go close to them, like they expect you to hurt them.The pictures had to be taken quickly before he chased me out. Yet, even with a phone camera and under the glaring sun, it’s easy to see the conditions of these creatures in the photo’s. The picture given is of the legs of the young swiss calf.

Now, when we are told that milk is healthy, we are not shown how filthy the place where it’s taken from is. We do not see bodies and udders half covered with dung and flies, being fitted with painful milking machines. We do not even see the infections, cuts, blisters and bruises all over these sick animals.

Then we are repeatedly conditioned that milk is good for our health. But people who patronize these tabelas are possibly having the most infected products out there. Germs, diseases, puss it’s all true and all too visible. Typically the conditions in a factory farm are even worse. The pasteurising process doesn’t really help much, as the milk still comes with massive amounts of pus and chemical additives. Often even soap or chalk powder is added to whiten it.

Take a look at these pictures, and see how blatantly we are conned into believing these lies. How we are becoming immune to cruelty that is in front of us and are being made to consume products that could make us very sick. Go vegan, choose dairy free food. It’s free of this kind of cruelty and suffering, and so much better for health.