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Are global warming concerns real?

Examine the latest data from NASA, with relation to carbon dioxide concentration levels, sea levels, global temperatures and the artic ice caps and decide for yourself. 

Carbon dioxide concentration

Carbon dioxide concentration levels have risen at a dramatic pace over the last couple of decades, and is setting new highs year after year. (Source: NASA)


Global surface temperature

Global surface temperatures in 2012 were the 9th highest on record. Temperature increases over the last decade have been consistently high, and we are dangerously close to reaching the 2 degree warming danger mark in the coming decades.(Source: NASA)


Artic sea ice

September artic sea ice (sept is the month when artic sea ice reaches its min) is now declining at a rate of 11.5% per decade. September 2012 artic sea ice levels was the lowest in the satellite records. (Source: NASA)


Land ice

Land ice sheets in both Antarctica and Greenland are losing mass. Antarctica has been losing more than 100 cubic kilometers of ice per year since 2002. (Source: NASA)


Sea levels

Sea level rise is caused by two factors related to global warming: the added water coming from the melting of land ice, and the expansion of sea water as it warms up. Increase in sea levels have started to occur at an increasing rate, and now average 3.16 mm/ year. (Source: NASA)