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Can we grow the food for ever growing populations?

A pictorial representation of the risks to our major agricultural systems, and livestock's role in global hunger & sustainability. 

Risks associated with main agricultural production systems

Agricultural production systems across the world are at risk. While the reasons vary, the reality is that with increasing risks facing our major agricultural production systems, the ability to grow food for growing populations into 2050 comes into serious question. (Source: UN FAO, State of the worlds land and water resources)

Human pressure on land & water

India & China, 2 of the most densely populated regions of the world, are at the highest risk of both land and water shortages.(Source: UN FAO, State of the worlds land and water resources)

Use of feed concentrate by commodity group

Over 1.2 bn tonnes of grains & other animal feedstock were fed to animals instead of humans in 2005, a proces which is 2-10x less efficient than its direct consumption by humans. (Source: UN FAO, Livestock in the Balance)

Loss of energy in food production

There is a greater loss of energy due to feeding grains to animals instead of humans, than due to harvest or distirbution losses. (Source: UNEP, Environmental food crisis)