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Dairy subs: 8 recipes and the ofp workshop!

Dairy subs workshop

Learning something new, healthy and yum! Plant based dairy substitutes for milk, curds, desserts n more..

This one day, my neighbour approached me asking about dairy free options for curd. She had become part of a growing group of people, who are being advised to stay off dairy products by their physician’s, doctor’s nutrionist’s etc. Then we figured there was a list of people who were interested in learning recipes for dairy subs.  And, that’s how the idea for the workshops was born.

Sometimes the biggest stumbling block for people to change to a vegan diet is giving up some of the food they are used to. Whether for ethical reasons or health ones, missing milk, cheese and curds becomes a worry for most. But the beauty is, as the participants in the first workshop realized and anyone who has tried to make them knows, all of these are super simple recipes that can be whipped up in minutes!

Though several people were interested, there were also more requests to have one on a weekday. We are having one on the 16th of Jan for them.  For this one, I limited the participants to 4, because of the lack of space in my kitchen and my doing a workshop for the first time. (We eventually ended up outside the kitchen only though).

The recipes were focussed only on dairy replacements and following is the list, with links to the recipes

The participants were a fun group of women who were well informed and very supportive.  They were surprised at how the food tastes like dairy... especially the curd and chaas! The cheesecake was also a real hit. In fact we all had such a good time together, it felt like we were amongst friends.

The group who attended this one, were very keen I do an advanced one for bakes and cakes. So that’s what I’m going to be working on. A basic dairy replacement workshop, and an advanced vegan baking one. If you are someone who enjoy’s cooking and would like to do your bit, this is one more simple way of doing outreach and helping people make better choices.  You could also earn enough to cover up your expenses and a little more... while helping people change to make a better world!

Best of luck!