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Global land challenges and livestock

A pictorial representation of global land challenges and livestock's role in the same. 

Forest transition & degradation in dry lands

Significant tracts of forest cover have been lost in Latin America, Asia, Australia and parts of Europe & Africa. Large tracts of dry lands have been degraded in America, Europe and parts of Asia & the Middle East. (Source: UN FAO)

Global land cover & use

Most of the fertile tracts of land have already been cultivated for crop production. The large majority of the remaining land available is either not suitable for crop cultivation or is under forest cover. (Source: UN FAO, State of the worlds land & water resources)

Status of land degradation

33% of global land resources have already been degraded. (Source: UN FAO, State of the worlds land & water resources)

Major ecosystems & threats

Almost every major ecosystem is under threat due to one risk or the other. (Source: UN FAO, Livestocks long shadow)

Estimated changes in land use (1700-1995)

Significant parcels of lands have been shifted away from forests, to make way for pastures and croplands required to grow animal feedstock. (Source: UN FAO, Livestocks Long Shadow)

Global trends in land use for livestock production

The amount of land used by the meat & dairy industries has increased significantly over the last few decades. (Source: UN FAO, Livestocks Long Shadow)


70% of the deforestation in Latin America has been due to conversion to pastures, with production of animal feedstock (primarily soyabeans) being responsible for the vast majority of the rest.

Land degradation stages

A pictorial representation on the biodiversity loss which happens with loss of forest cover and transformation of grasslands for cultivation of crops. (Source: UNEP, Environmental Food Crisis)