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India & trends in livestock

A pictorial representation on trends in the livestock sector in India. 

Did you know?

Despite being known for its high vegetarian population, India has one of the highest populations of livestock in the world. In terms of livestock population, India ranks:

  • #1 for cattle (210 mn cattle)
  • #1 for buffaloe (111 mn buffaloe - 57% of global population)
  • #1 for goats (154 mn goats)
  • #2 for sheep (74 mn sheep)
  • #5 for chicken (866 mn chicken)

(Source: Ministry of Animal Husbandry & UN FAO)

Livestock density countrywise

India has amongst the highest densities of livestock in the world. No other country in the world has as widespread high density of livestock numbers as India. (Source: UN FAO)

Livestock Density maps

India has the highest density of cattle & goats globally, and amongst the highest densities of poultry. (Source: UN FAO)

Growth in demand for milk / meat 2000 - 2030

India is expected to the prime driver for growth globally for almost every type of animal based food product over 2000 to 2030. (Source: UN FAO, Mapping supply & demand of animal products to 2030)