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Livestock growth & trends

A pictorial representation of global trends in livestock production and consumption. 

Livestock Population

Global livestock population is estimated at 24 bn in 2011, representing more than 3 animal kept alive at any point solely for human consumption. Livestock's population has been steadily growing. Over the last 6 years, livestock's population has grown by over 3.5 bn animals. (Source: UN FAO Statistics)

Growth in consumption of different animals

Chickens stand out when it comes to increase in absolute numbers. There were over 20 bn chicken alive in 2011, close to 4x more than the 5bn chicken in 1970. On the other hand, the population of goats has increased by 2.5x, buffaloe & pigs by 1.8x and cattle by 1.3x.(Source: UN FAO Statistics)

Income & meat consumption

Globally, there is a strong positive correlation of income with meat consumption. As countries have grown richer, they tend to increase the consumption of animal products. (Source: UN FAO, Livestocks Long Shadow)

Past & projected trends in consumption of animal products

Per-capita meat & dairy consumption in the developing world is between 20-35% lower than the developed world. However, with rising incomes in developing countries, this gap is expected to narrow. More than 85% of the incremental demand of meat & dairy products until 2030, is expected to come from developing countries. (Source: UN FAO, Livestocks Long Shadow)

Per capita consumption of livestock

A traditional vegetarian cuisine, has led to India having amongst the lowest per-capita consumptions of animal products. However with rising incomes and cultural changes towards western values, per capita consumption is expected to grow significantly. With close to 15% of global population, any large change in Indian eating habits could have strong ramifications on global demand for animal products, with the associated environmental, health and animal welfare problems. (Source: UN FAO)

Growth in demand for milk / meat 2000 - 2030

India & China Are expected to the prime drivers for growth globally for almost every type of animal based food product over 2000 to 2030. (Source: UN FAO, Mapping supply & demand of animal products to 2030)