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Creating awareness on yum vegan food options at a fun flea market.. :)

On the 27th of September, we participated in this lovely flea market event at Yoga 101. We did this event in partnership with Bhavna Kapoor of Health Nuts, to promote plant based/vegan food.

When we heard about this event, we were very excited to participate. Yoga 101 is a charming peaceful space with a bohemian vibe, located in a quiet secluded area in Versova. We took up a stall a couple of weeks in advance and started planning our menu and display.

Finally after going back and forth multiple times, we zeroed down on the following


  • 2 options of vegan cheese spread : pepper and herbs
  • Shepard's pie Vegan
  • Cucumber and mint drink

Health nuts

  • Amaranth crackers
  • Amaranth barfi
  • Fruity lemon cooler

Since this was the first food event we were participating in, there was everything to be arranged from scratch, right from the packaging, banners to print outs handouts etc. 2 days prior to the event, life came to a stand still as we cooked, packaged and priced our products.

Finally it was saturday and we were ready to go! The stalls were up with a bright and colourful range of fun clothes, accessories and food. With great lounge music playing through the day, the atmosphere was chilled and relaxed…and all of this was entirely arranged by the gorgeous Rinku Suri who runs Yoga 101.

We also had 2 workshops planned, one for making a vegan cocktail and one for making vegan cheese spread. At the stall we kept samples for tasting, and that really helped.Through the day we met and interacted with many people who tried, loved and bought our products.

It was great to be able to chat with so many people on a one on one basis, about why vegan/plant based food. And about how our diet can make such a difference… Then to provide plant based food options that they enjoyed, was the icing on the cake! The amaranth crackers and cheese spread were a big hit and we did pretty good sales :)

The workshop was well attended and everyone was surprised at how easy and healthy the vegan cheese option is to make. And when they tasted it, they loved it and were excited to try it out themselves at home. Hope they do…and do so often! Touch wood!

We wound up quite late in the evening, exhausted and exhilarated by this experience of activism via food.. :) A big thank you to Bhavna for being a supportive encouraging partner and Rinku Suri for providing us with the platform.

Have a great day!