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OFP for Elephants and Rhino's

Creating awareness about poaching of elephants and rhinos

Worldwide, the poaching menace is driving wild animals to extinction. Demand for elephant tusks and rhino horns in countries like China and Vietnam is the primary reason for elephants and rhino's being brutally slaughtered by poachers. Almost 35000 elephants are estimated to be killed every year in Africa! 

The Global March for Elephants and Rhino's is an event organized in many countries to create awareness about this critical issue. With a growing middle class population in China and Vietnam, more people can buy items made of endangered animals horns, bones, tusks. These are considered valuable..? But this is virtually wiping out entire species of animals like rhino's, elephants, tigers everywhere.

The Mumbai chapter was organized by Thane SPCA associated with RAWW and we were looped in to help with the planning.

Everyone contributed with their time and effort, making the banners and posters, short clips, getting volunteers to participate and help. But they faced hurdles with permissions in South Mumbai, and finally went ahead with a blue open top bus and an ambulance with a large banner following it, a super brain wave of Shakuntala Majumdar.

On 4th of October we congregated at Wilson college and boarded the bus to drive through to Fort, Museum, NCPA, Marine drive and back to Chowpatty beach. Chanting continuously and with raised hands, everyone put up quite the show. We disembarked at the beach and stood with banners and holding hands as a peaceful protest.

Though due to a very long weekend, there were fewer people around. It was an extremely effective and eye catching demo, and we hope to have helped raise awareness on this issue.

Us with the very robust Shakuntala Majumdar and Debashish Majumdar who were the primary driving force behind it.

There is one thing though, if we go on poaching wild life, neutering dogs and cats and breeding animals used for food, finally all that may be left are humans and mutilated chickens and cows. Not a pretty thought.