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OFP Hub: Your space

About OFP Hub: an interactive platform for change

When we started OFP, the idea was to create a space for everyone to find information for the various issues related to our diet.

Within the mainstream, even though the benefits of plant based foods is getting popular, there are still misconceptions regarding it. Many sites and social media channels tend to  focus on a single issue, but we found few that involved all the aspects in depth. Studies, videos, research material, all had to be dug up from various different sites.

So even facts that would affect some people significantly, are often not easily visible or clear. For example, there are many of us who are ethical or health vegans, but environmentalists and wild animal welfare groups get excluded from this group. Yet, the environment and wildlife  is getting decimated by our eating habits.

We were looking at making OFP a comprehensive website that would enable everyone to find research, videos, documented articles and personal accounts relating to various aspects of our diet. Something that comes in handy for people who would like to get more information in a user friendly format.  

And still there is so much new information out there every day, and so many people doing  so much for awareness. There are also many people who may simply be curious about veg/vegan food/lifestyle.

Where was a common ground for them to meet? Learn more about each other and be able to source information they were looking for?

Traditional social media channels, did not provide the level of structure and ease of finding information that was required for someone looking for information that is the most relevant to them.

So in the Hub, you can create your own blogs, recipes, articles, share links to your SM pages, bookmark interesting info or material you may want to get back to later and upload new research/studies you may have discovered. You can have your own group, or join/follow others.

And the best part is you can literally filter out information that isn’t of relevance to you! Helping you get only information you want.  It’s virtually your own website within a social platform! Making connecting and interacting with like minded people that much simpler.

It’s for everyone, with only one strict rule. No non relevant information. Users who spam or put up information about anything else apart from information on various aspects of plant based food & lifestyles  or will be blocked.

Come, become a member and create your own space for change!