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OFP Karjat Dairy Investigation

An undercover investigation by of a small family run tabela (dairy farm) in Karjat, show's how farmed animals get abused even in relatively small scale family run tableas in India. undertook an undercover investigation in a small dairy farm in Karjat (a town which is a short distance from Mumbai, India). While nothing causes as much abuse to animals as large scale industrialised factory farms, the investigation shows how animals face similar levels of abuse even in relatively smaller scale and family run units. 

The Buffaloe

Across almost all the cattle, you could sense the overwhelming feeling of listlessness, despair and what is called in medical terms 'learned helplessness'. As we walked around clicking photos, many buffaloe turned to look at us. We felt compelled to look away. 


Living Conditions

Buffaloe are tied to a single spot, and denied any freedom of movement or exercise. They are forced to lie or stand on their own urine & faeces. 



To ensure that calves do not drink too much of their mother's milk, they are tied at a short distance from their mother. The young calves cry out of hunger and the fear & anxiety of being denied access to their mother. This is believed to help make the mother anxious triggering hormones to develop more milk (a yield improvement process used by the dairy industry).