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OFP on-the-road: Madhya Pradesh

7 places, covering 3500 kms, in 14 days, we went on a road trip to the Heart of India...Madhya Pradesh.


7 places, covering 3500 kms, in 14 days, we went on a road trip to the Heart of India...Madhya Pradesh.

After considering many options, we suddenly thought of MP, and couldn't understand why we hadn't considered it earlier. Maybe because it's not a popular tourist state.

When we first thought of it, we were not sure about places to visit in MP, except for forests like Pench and Bhandavgarh. And  we soon realized that both are closed for the monsoons! But then we found out that it has some of the most fascinating places, like Sanchi, Orcha and of course Khajuraho. That''s the thing about MP we realized, it doesn't seem to have a very strong identity of it's own. As in people from various states are often referred to by their states, like Tamilians, UPites, Haryanvi's, Punjabi's, Oriya's Rajasthani, kannadiga's... but what were people from MP called? I've never heard of anyone being referred to as MPite. Besides we didnt know what religion they followed, what was there speciality, what was there culture and dressing like? 

But It's called the Heart of India for a reason, it's a pot pourri of everything India. With each side of it's border reflecting aspects of the culture of the state next to it. The food, accents, dressing.. it has a bit of everything! Religion is everywhere, and as many monuments are dedicated to various forms of it. The people almost everywhere are respectful, polite and soft spoken. And it has stunning ancient monuments, breathtaking river gorges, dense forests...and now amazing connectivity thanks to great roads everywhere.

So we drove out of Mumbai, on the 29th of August. All set for a 2 week trip covering as many places as we could..with plenty of tips from my mom in law who has done some amazing road trips in India. So on our list was Mandu, Sanchi, Kajuraho, Marble rocks, Panchmarhi and little time for extra layovers or places we may wish to stay back in. And we ended up doing just that by adding Orcha and Omkareshwar to our itinerary on the way.

Since we were taking our dogs, Sniffy and Rowdy along, we were a bit concerned about accommodation. But that was totally unfounded, there wasn’t a single place we faced a problem! That way, especially in smaller towns and villages people are very sweet and not stuck up about these things. They were more or less...actually totally surprised to see dogs in our car but were fine taking all of us in.

So join us and read on about our totally amazing trip right across the "Heart of India". Read about our trip at