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Pune Vegan Fest for World Vegan day

Creating awareness with a fun filled event!

For World Vegan day, we launched our new social platform, the Hub! But we also didn't want to miss the first Vegan fest at Pune, so we did both! :) Ashi launched the Hub in Mumbai and I visited the Vegan fest in Pune and did a vegan cheese spread demo. The event, organized by Living Free volunteers, (Fiapos vegan outreach campaign) for World Vegan Day, was a fun event showcasing vegan food, accessories, wines, pet care products and much more!

Phoenix mall was an excellent choice for a venue, it typically has high footfalls in the weekends. Plus, the advantage of having a major Jazz festival going on in the same location meant many more people who were exposed to vegan choices and information. The event created awareness by showing vegan options and by leafleting

There were momo’s, lots of options of yummy cupcakes, a salad and hummus stall and fresh yummy herbed tofu and vegan spreads by Chetran: (Contact details: Mr. Pal 020 65221863/26870180).  There were also vegan shoes by Senso (Contact details +91 022 25611995) and Compassiona Avenue (Mr. Taneja 9822604582. )
There was this wonder machine that makes soya milk, nut milk and soups, promoted by PFA volunteers. The machine costs 5000 rupees, but is great value for money. It’s easy to use and the cost of making soy milk in it, (as they claim) is Rs7 a litre and cashew milk is only Rs25.  The contact name is Sunil Jain and his number is 0937692202

There was also a dealer who sells imported vegan wines. Apparently typically egg whites are used to filter wine, so at Wine Kart they have 100% cruelty free wines.(Contact details Mr. Jatania: +91 022 2851 6621) Do get in touch with them for your next party!
I did a vegan cheese spread demo, so people could learn how simple and delicious dairy replacements can be. Though we had fewer people at the demo, the cheese spread was quite the hit! The bowl was actually completely cleaned out.. :) And it was great to talk about that it is a 5 minute task with 2 main simple local ingredients. Making it a great replacement for dairy in spreads.

Organized well, by the very elegant Darshana Mazumdar and a team of bright young volunteers like Neha Vaz, Shalini Gogia, Suzzane and team, we hope to get a write up on their experience of doing this soon!