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The difference food can make to us

And that's the thing about food...

And that’s the thing about food, even with the most hardcore non vegetarians, place a bowl of fresh salad veggies in front of them and it gets polished off. Even if it is just sliced, without dressing or a dip.

See it feels good to crunch into a fresh piece of cucumber. It’s natural for us. That would not really work if you took a bite of raw chicken or goat meat.

A cheesy meat heavy meal may feel like it tastes good…but lands you in loads of trouble after eating it. Forget the guilt of the calories, long term diseases or the ethical issues, the immediate ones hurt the most. Mostly acidity, gas and constipation. Now That would never happen when you eat fresh veggies.  It calms your system down, makes us feel lighter…do I even have to say more. You know it feels good, but think it may get boring eating just that.

In today’s day and age, there are proponents who swear by all kinds of diets, the most damaging has to be Atkins, a purely commercial enterprise, but there are many healthier ones like raw food, oil free, gluten free, probiotic,  paleo, neo… stone age and god knows what else.

The point being, we are exposed to so many diseases purely because of our food habits. And all of the diets are pointing out that elimination of highly processed, salted, cholesterol heavy foods, is what's really important. Chronic illnesses like repetitive colds, mild fevers, sinuses, coughs…can you believe it’s all linked to the way we eat?

I love healthy food, but am not a fanatic. We gave up animal products for ethical reasons, but the difference it made is stunning. And had it not affected our health so positively, I would possibly not even be talking about the health part. But it really did.

My doctor finds it surprising that every time I’ve gone to him with blood tests done for everything, the results are always near perfect, all levels correctly balanced. Touch wood, and the same happens with my hubby’s reports. Touch wood again.

So yes, it’s crazy but it’s true…that’s the kind of difference our diet can make. And once again, I love healthy food, but use oil, we have a lot of cola’s, love chips and my hubby is a junk food gluten lover.

All we did was eliminate meat and dairy. And it helped us this much. Help yourself, and your family. Opt for plant based options. It makes a world of a difference.