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The natural life of goats

goats natural life

Goats are inquisitive, intelligent and social animals used to roaming the countryside in close-knit family structures. They are friendly animals, known to form individual friendships and get despondent if their friend is taken away. Female goats are patient and nurturing mothers.

Goats are inquisitive, intelligent and social animals. In nature, they travel for miles in close-knit family structures, roaming the countryside for hours on end. Goats are known to form individual friendships with other goats, grazing with the same companions consistently, and getting despondent when their preferred companion is missing from the stock. Goats are intelligent animals, capable of forming complex social groups, and being able to identify each other in groups as large as 50 goats.


Goats are inquisitive and intelligent animals, and will thoroughly explore anything new or unfamiliar in their surroundings. They also have excellent memories - they remember the animals and humans they have met, and form lasting friendships with their flock mates. Studies have shown that goats can correctly identify the faces of upto 50 of his goat friends.

Nurturing mothers

Female goats are well known as patient, highly nurturing mothers, which is why they are often used to foster orphaned or rejected lambs, calves and even foals.

Close-knit family structures

In nature, goats travel for miles in complex, close-knit family structures. They are far-ranging ruminants, enjoying roaming for hours on end while nibbling on vines, shrubs and weeds. Each herd stays together and co-operates for protection. As they wander, one goat will periodically venture ahead of the group as a lookout. A second goat follows, then signals to the rest of the herd that it is safe to come along. The goat that act as a scout tends to do so throughout their lives.

Individual friendships

When observed for extended periods, goats appear to form individual friendships, grazing with the same companions consistently. Researchers believe that, like humans, goat actually think about their friends even when those goats are not around. They also become distressed or despondent when their preferred companions are missing from the flock.