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Time for new beginnings

To year end and new beginnings

To year end and new beginnings

As this year comes to end, there has been a lot of good that happened. But there were also some terrible events that shook us.  We have grieved over the loss of lives, often young children, in violent it in Pakistan, Syria, Africa or Assam. Planes crashing or disappearing natural disasters and … violence... so much senseless violence.

We are so righteous about things we believe in, and yet each one of us is responsible in some way towards driving the human race to misery. The emphasis on consumption is as responsible for the chaos, and that is something we Have to learn to see.

In Africa if Boko Haram has kidnapped over 200 girls, what and who is funding them? If we are so sorry for the plights of African kids, Why are we still craving for solitaires and diamonds that will outlive us by far? If natural disasters make us nervous, why are we not changing our patterns? Instead of getting angry with politicians for clearing forests lands, how many of us will choose a lifestyle that could help reduce the pressure on our environment?

Governments  are killing civilians, within one religion, factions are hurting each other… starving nations are still being exploited by a handful of corporations run by ‘developed’ nations. The 'good' countries are fueling consumption and the 'evil' ones are fighting it. The dividing line between good and evil has become more unclear than ever.

Violence has become such a norm that as civilians in a relatively safe environment, we are still very concerned about our safety. We need security cameras and more cops and more hospitals. Yet, we will blissfully pay to harm and hurt a thousand innocent animals for food and fashion. When we are against violence, why are we paying for it? At what point do we take responsibility and inculcate some of our beliefs and values into our personal lives?

Today as we stand on the helm of a new year, maybe we should consider seeing the world around us in a new way. Translate the harsh realities of our race and planet being ravaged, into becoming a positive force to bring back balance. 

We all make resolutions, instead of just trying to lose weight or picking up a hobby, why not reconsider our choices and lifestyle as the first thing you can do for your self, your family, and for the future of your children. Compassion and care are the two attributes that create positive change. And that change starts with us. Having the option to make choices, lets choose with care. That could eventually turn out be your biggest contribution toward addressing many of the issues plaguing our world.

Wishing you good health, kindness and happiness... and new beginnings for 2015!