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Travel log: Small town meat shops

Does the spread of organised retail, with meat & dairy products available in neat plastic packaging off the shelf de-sensitise us from what we are really putting onto our plates.

These are some pictures that we took in a small town in Maharashtra. Somehow the same fish and mutton seems less appetizing when you see it being sold the traditional way, as compared to neatly packaged meat and dairy that most of us are now used to purchasing.

Traditional goat shops

Traditional goat shops had the meat hanging out in front, with body parts such as the head, limbs and liver out on display. The goats seem to stare back at you, making buying mutton a little more difficult as compared to picking up neatly plastic packaged mutton in a superstore

Traditional fish shops

Similar to the goats, looking into the eyes of fish and seeing the gutted insides does seem to make fish less appetising than neatly packaged fish meat in stores