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Divine Vegan Cheesecake

Divine Vegan Cheesecake
Divine vegan cheesecake with only 7 ingredients + caramel sauce!
Prep time: 
15 min
Cook time: 
15 minutes
Level of cooking: 
12 people
Meal type: 

So, I finally figured I'm going to learn to make desserts, it cannot really be that tough to make them. I searched online and checked the first few websites that cropped up. Most had too many ingredients that were either not available here or too expensive to buy for one recipe. 

Then I saw Minimalist Bakers Easy vegan cheesecake with only 7 ingredients.. Wow, every ingredient required, was right there in my kitchen! But it looked too simple. So i figured what better way to start than give this easy one a shot. Oh my was delicious. Though you could soften it by keeping it out, we couldnt resist the frozen one. It was more like a cross between ice cream and cheesecake, and it's simply divine. And so easy to get this one done! :)) 

Have given it more or less verbatim as it appears in the Minimalist Baker recipe.  The only reason for me to create this post is to localize ingredients, else I would've just shared it. This recipe makes for 12 small cupcake size cheesecakes or 6 large ones. Now for the topping, hmm.. I figured may as well learn to make that too. So that's the Vegan Caramel Sauce recipe. 

Thank you Minimalist Baker... :)