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Environment foodprints

Unknown to most, the livestock sector is the single largest source to all our worst environmental problems - from global warming, land & water shortages and pollution, hunger & sustainability and the destruction of our oceans.

Meat and dairy products are far more resource intensive to produce than plant based foods. Reduction, or better, totally avoiding consuming meat and dairy products is the single largest personal initiative we can take, to reduce our carbon, water & land foodprints and live a healthier more compassionate life. 

The issues

While focussing on ways to reduce our environmental impact, the livestock industry is often overlooked. However, can we choose to ignore an industry that accounts for a mere 2% of global GDP, and causes

Carbon emissions

Carbon foodprint: 18% of greenhouse gas emissions, emitting more than the transportation, industrial or energy sectors


Water foodprint: 36% of global usable freshwater resources, and one of the leading causes of water pollution


Land foodprint: 33% of global cropland + 26% of ice free land surface on the planet and one of the leading causes of land degradation and deforestation

Hunger & Sustainability

Hunger foodprint: 35% of global grain production are fed to animals instead of humans, a process 2-10x more inefficient


Oceans foodprint: Overfishing has caused a collapse of ocean fishery stocks, with 80% of global fish stocks being depleted or overexploited


India foodprint: With the largest people and livestock densities in the world, livestock is the largest contributor to India's environmental problems, both today and in the future