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Foodprint on Animals

Farm animals are gentle, shy animals, with strong social and family bonds. With the growth of factory farming, these gentle creatures are being subjected to the most cruel and inhumane of practices, all in the name of higher production rates and profit margins.

Foodprint on the Environment

Did you know that the livestock sector is the largest source of all our most critical environmental problems. Learn why reduction of meat and dairy products, is the most far reaching and effective way for you to reduce your carbon, water and land foodprints.

Foodprint on our Health

Being healthy is natural, chronic diseases are unnatural. Learn how you can improve your health and reduce chances of our worst chronic diseases, by consuming the foods that our bodies are designed to consume and avoiding foods that our bodies cannot process efficiently.


Learn about current global trends in favour of replacing animal foods with plant based foods, including trends in vegan adoption, reduction initiatives and the potential of innovative foods.


Find more detailed write ups and information on the foodprints of our diet.