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Copyright is a strong believer in copyright protection. We are neither a company nor an NGO, and this website is our personal blog.

While we have taken every effort to ensure we do not infringe on any copyrighted content, we may not have been a 100% successful. Please do email us if you are the owner of some content which you believe should not be on this website. Our sincere apologies for any such slip up, and we shall remove the same at the earliest possible.

3rd party content that is displayed on our website, is displayed based on the following principles

Showcasing the work done by others: There has been some excellent work done by activists, organisations, the media, authors, research scientists and other such people with relation to the damage caused by meat and dairy products to animals, our health and the environment. One of the primary aims of our website is to provide access to people who have not had a chance to view such content. We believe that by doing so we are supporting, and not infringing upon, the excellent work done by others.

Very little 3rd party content is hosted on our site: We actually have very little 3rd party content that is hosted on our website. Instead, we provide out links so that our readers can go and view the content at the original place that it is hosted. For almost all 3rd party content which is actually hosted on this website, we have either taken explicit permission to do so or have relied on this content being published under an open license in the public domain.

We rely on copyright protection processes of certain larger organisations: Youtube is a good example of the same. Youtube has strong copyright protection processes, and we have relied on the same when embedding youtube videos on our website. We do not host even a single video on our site. All videos are embedded youtube (or similar providers) links. Any copyright infringements should be reported to youtube, which will ensure that it gets taken off their site and will automatically no longer be available on ours. 

Images: Images have either been sourced directly with explicit permissions, or found over google using an advanced search on usage rights that are labelled as free to use or share. Some organisations have also given blanket permissions for their content to be used and shared, and we thank these organisations for the same. We have tried our best to provide accurate sources for all the images on our site (images with a source of web commons have been sourced using google usage rights as mentioned above). However, in the process of optimising the images for our website, we inadvertently mixed up some of the images and may have given a wrong source for a few of these images. Please do let us know if you find any such wrongly credited source, and we will correct the same immediately.

Research: The excerpts provided for all research provided on the site has been created by us, and we provide a link to the original research.