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Diseases & Diet

Disease is not a natural state of the human body. Typically, diseases arise due to the introduction of certain unwanted substances within the body. This is especially true in relation to our diet, specifically with relation to meat and dairy products, which our bodies are not designed to consume. Learn how some of our worst chronic diseases, are a direct fall out of our consumption of meat and dairy products.

Heart diseases & high blood pressure

Causes: saturated fats and cholesterol in meat and dairy products, that increase the LDL (bad cholesterol) levels in our body leading to artery blockages.


Causes: (a) saturated fats that boost hormone activity (b) carcinogenic substances released while cooking meat (c) hormones like estrogen and IGF-1 in milk, that are specifically linked to breast and prostrate cancers


Causes: saturated fats in meat and dairy products, act an insulin inhibitors preventing the absorption of glucose

Kidney diseases

Causes: excess consumption of animal proteins, that increases the strain on our kidneys to dispose of the protein waste


Causes: acidic structure of animal proteins, that leads to the leeching of calcium from our bones