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Founders is an initiative that aims to help people make more ethical, healthy and environmentally friendly food choices. OFP is a personal initiative by Himani Shetty & Ashi Anand, and is not a company nor an NGO.

Himani Shetty is an animal rights activist. An ex-visual merchandiser, she has been focusing on animal welfare over the last 6 years, working first with PETA as their vegan campaigner and then with FIAPO. She started an NGO, Choosing Life foundation, through which she has been working on animal right campaigns, talks, leafleting etc. Apart from working on awareness, she is also working on developing various delicious vegan versions of traditional meat and dairy dishes ones


Ashi Anand is a vice-President with Kotak Mahindra, one of India's leading private sector banks. He co-manages one of Kotak's quasi-private equity funds. With over 12 years of experience in the field of research and a technical bent of mind, Ashi looks after the research, content and development of this site.

Ashi is the brainy geek, who gets into everything like his life depends on it.  I am the visual, creative one, who has always been crazy about animals. We’ve been married over 7 years and been vegan for much of our journey together. Along with our 2 companion dogs, Rowdy and Sniffy, we travel a lot and love to explore local vegan food options everywhere we go. It is easy sometimes and challenging at others. Yet it’s done amazing things for us, in terms of our health and wellbeing.

Our reality is quite different from the popular perception of a vegan lifestyle. We continue to enjoy a large part of the foods that we have grown up with as non vegetarians. It has meant discovering a wonderful new world of plant based variants of the same. This is how we continue to consume milk, butter, cheese, cakes, chocolates and meat style dishes.

Going vegan was never going to be enough; we want to make the world a better, more holistic place. We are one more voice in the changing world consciousness.