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Health benefits of a vegan diet

Causes: A vegan diet comprises the essential nutrients required by our bodies - unsaturated fats, alkaline proteins, minerals, vitamins, dietary fiber

Foodprint - Vegan: Good health, Prevention and cure of our worst chronic diseases, Weight loss


Nutritional benefits of a vegan diet

When humans consume meat & dairy products, they effectively consume a number of unwanted substances (including the wrong type of fat, the wrong type of proteins, cholesterol, lactose, carcinogenic substances and hormones) that end up damaging the human body.This is very similar to how putting in the wrong type of fuel or adulterated fuel into a car, will lead to an eventual seizing up of the engine.

The effects of continued consumption of these harmful substances is associated with the clogging of our arteries, inhibition of insulin activity, increased hormone production, pressure on our kidneys and bone structures. The result includes a variety of chronic diseases including – heart diseases, cancers, diabetes, osteoporosis and kidney diseases.

A vegan diet, in comparison, is the most natural form of diet for human consumption. It is essentially eating what our bodies are meant to eat, and is associated with a large number of health benefits.

Vegan nutritional benefits

Compared to a non-vegetarian diet, a vegan diet has:

  • The right type of fat (unsaturated): Plant based foods have a higher concentration of unsaturated fats (as compared to saturated fats in animal foods), which are actually associated with positive health benefits due to the build up of HDL (or good cholesterol) in our blood streams that helps declog arteries.
  • The right type of proteins (alkaline): Not only does a vegan diet provide both enough and a complete form of protein, but the type of protein consumed (more alkaline in nature) is more suitable for our alkaline body structures as compared to the acidic proteins present in meat & dairy. Eating the right form of proteins prevents stress on our kidneys and reduces leeching of calcium from our bones.
  • No cholesterol: No plant based food contains cholesterol, as compared to the high cholesterol levels in animal products.
  • High fiber & vitamin content: Apart from not containing harmful substances, a balanced plant based diet is also rich in fibers (not present in any animal products) and significantly higher levels of vitamins – both of which are associated with significant health benefits.

Choose Health

By reducing our consumption of meat & dairy products, in favour of plant based foods, we effectively help our body to:

  • De-clog our arteries
  • Improve insulin activity
  • Reduce excess hormone production
  • Reduce the strain on our kidneys
  • Reduce the leeching of calcium from our bones
  • And also lose significant weight

Scientific evidence: Vegan diet health benefits

Research that has been conducted on the health benefits of a vegan diet have found

  • lower risks of contracting heart diseases, cancers, diabetes, kidney diseases and osteoporosis
  • improved insulin activity, lower bad cholesterol levels, better management of bone mineral density and lower pressure on our kidneys 
  • a vegan diet often being more effective than medication in controlling diseases

Details of the same (including the research methodology, key findings and a link to the original study) are available in the resource tab below. More research studies related to specific diseases are also available in the individual disease sections. Research related to a vegan diet as a form of alternate medication is available in the alternate medication page.