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OFP Documentary screening

Documentary screenings' are one of the simplest & most effective outreach activities that can be carried out at any level. While being relatively easy to set up, they are still highly effective with relation to getting the message across. 

While OFP conducts documentary screenings as part of core activities, the focus is to enable other's to launch their own documentary screenings to maximize the reach of this initiative. Please see the: OFP Documentary Screening Guide, for tips and best practices for conducting your own documentary screening initiative. 

We have pre-selected a set of documentaries that are both interesting to view and highly informative. These can be showcased to friends & family, social groups, office colleagues or to people at any other appropriate platform that is available. 

Note: All documentaries that are available for streaming from our site, are only embedded youtube (or similar) links. Youtube does it's own independent copyright checks and does not have any policy explicitly disallowing public screening of content. As such, there should not be any copyright issues involved with public screening of publicly available independent media. However, in case of commercial or large scale screenings, we would advice you to please do an independent check on any copyright issues for screening of that particular documentary. 

OFP Documentary Screening Program

60 min

Sea the Truth is based on numerous scientific publications that examine the problems of seas and oceans.

68 min

Gary Yourofsky's entire inspirational speech at Georgia tech that helps you make ethical choices for a healthy diet and soul.

95 min

An award winning full length docuementary, directed by Shaun Monson, depicting society's tragic and unforgivable use of animals.

52 min

A delightful documentary for viewers of all ages, about the thinking and feeling side of animals that are too often just viewed as food.

90 min

The truth behind places where food is produced - large industrialised environments with little space for individualism.

80 min

Documentary that explores western attitudes towards farm animals and meat, and the battle between animal advocates and the meat industry to influence the consumers mind.

90 min

Full length documentary by Tumbleweed Arts, highlighting the catastrophic impact of the livestock industry on our environment & public health.

72 min

Full length documentary by Nichloas Pierson Foundation, exposing the bitter truth about the influence of the meat industry on our environment.

90 min

A spectacularly filmed full length documentary by Home Project, examining our modern lifestyles and habits and the impact it has on our planet.

60 min

Sea the Truth is based on numerous scientific publications that examine the problems of seas and oceans.

45 min

Presentation by Dr. Colin Campbell, (co-author of The China Study) presenting the overwhelming evidence showing that animal proteins are linked to cancer.

58 min

Dr. Michael Greger, on the health benefits of avoiding meat products.

70 min

Dr. McDougall, on the potential to use diet instead of medicines to maintain good health.

130 min

Talk by Dr. Michael Greger on why diet choice is the leading cause of death.