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OFP Investigations

A short description of the purpose, methodology  and disclaimers of OFP investigation's.

OFP conducts investigations across factory farming location in India, to help expose the on-ground practices in the handling of farmed animals in both the formal and informal sectors.

While the level of animal abuse in the livestock industry is the greatest in large scale industrialised units, our travels & investigations have shown that most of the unethical factory farming practices are also an issue in smaller scale factory farm units.

We have included in this section, pictures & videos of animal abuse that we have witnessed in our travels across rural India. We call these our 'travel logs', and they have been included in this section to help address the misconception of animals in smaller scale family run units being treated fairly.

All investigations undertaken by OFP, are undercover investigations undertaken by our OFP investigators. The identity of our investigators is hidden, to protect them from any potential back-lash due to the investigations undertaken.

We also typically hide the identity of the facility which we have investigated (with the exception of larger factory farming units). Most of the abuse that is highlighted in our investigations, are common-place every day practices of the livestock industry, and are not specific to any particular facility or unit. The idea is to highlight the unethitical practices of livestock rearing in general, not the issues in a particular unit.

Certain religious festivals in India provide an opportunity for us to enter facilities which would be difficult to enter at other times of the year. While we do use these opportunities to document the animal abuse, we wish to highlight once again that our focus is abuse of animals in factory farming in general, and is not directed against any religous community or culture in any way at all.