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OFP Literature is in the process of creating a library of literature resources, that will be made available to all our users to help them with their outreach activities. It will be our endeavor to cover as many issues, in as many different formats as possible, so as to be useful to a diverse range of audiences.

Please feel free to use, share and distribute all literature available in this section (subject to conditions mentioned  below)

The following literature is currently available on our site, with new literature to be uploaded shortly. 

OFP Activism Guides: A set of activism guides that have been prepared to assist volunteers, advocates and activists to be more effective in their outreach activities. 


Conditions of use literature is made available to the general public under an open license, to be used and shared freely, under the following conditions:
  • No changes to be made to the literature, without prior permissions from
  • No removal / replacement of logo's 
  • Credit to to be given if applicable