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OFP Objectives objectives

  1. A platform for consumers: to discover for themselves the true impact of our diet choices on animals, our health and the environment, and how small and easy changes to our diets can help improve our health, reduce our environmental foodprints and alleviate animal suffering.
  2. A platform to showcase awareness initiatives for others: There has been some excellent work that has already been done by NGOs, global authorities, documentary makers, authors, scientists, doctors and countless others with relation to the damages caused by the livestock industry. We aim to be a platform to showcase this work and enable it to be seen by as large an audience as possible.
  3. An enabler for anyone wishing to speak out: including individuals, groups of individuals, volunteers and grassroot NGOs who desire to spread the message about the impact of our diet choices. We aim to demonstrate how easy and effective it is for any individual to become an awareness outreach activist, regardless of the resources or time at his or her disposal. And we aim to be a platform to enable you to showcase your efforts to as wide an audience as possible.
  4. A platform to showcase the best vegan products: There are some excellent vegan products available in the market, yet awareness on the same is limited. Almost all meat and dairy products have alternatives that are either available off the shelf or are easy to prepare at home. We aim to help you make this compassionate, healthy and green transition in as positive and non-sacrificial a way as possible.

To learn more about thoughts behind the framing of our objectives, read our blog post: Thoughts behind this website