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About is an initiative of an Indian married couple (Himani Shetty & Ashi Anand), that aims to help people make more ethical, healthy and environmentally friendly food choices.

We dream of a world

  • without hunger, water, land or global warming challenges
  • where people are healthier, more active and free from diseases
  • where animals get to live their own life, free from suffering and abuse

And we believe that diet choices have a huge impact towards helping create such a world. This is our small contribution to the larger global movement towards more sustainable lifestyles

To learn more about who we are:

OFP Objectives

Every effort has a purpose. What is ours?


For more detailed discussions on specific issues, thoughts, views, personal thoughts and anything else that comes to our mind.


Programs, investigations and other activities conducted by OFP.

OFP Literature

Leaflets, booklets, infographics, memes, reports and videos relating to the foodprint of our diet choices. We are still in the process of creating the same, but we do hope to have this up shortly.