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Plant based calcium

Calcium rich plant based foods, with significant nutritional benefits over meat & dairy products

Calcium rich plant based foods

Greens: Collard, Kale, Spinach, Bok Choy (Chinese cabbage)

Beans: Soy beans, Tofu, Black beans, Chickpeas

Nuts: Almond, Brazil Nuts, Walnuts

Seeds: Sesame, Chia, Mustard, Flax

Lentils / Dals: Pigeon pea (tuar), Mung beans (moong), Black gram (kaali)

Not only are these foods good sources of calcium, their nutritional composition is also much superior to that of milk.

Saturated vs unsaturated fats (linked to heart diseases, diabetes & cancer)

Not all fats are the same. While bad fats (saturated & trans fats) lead to an increase in bad cholesterol levels (LDL) that clog our arteries, good fats (unsaturated fats) increase good cholesterol levels (HDL) that help dispose of excess cholesterol in the blood. Milk products contain high levels of saturated (or bad) fats, compared to the unsaturated fats present in plant based sources of calcium.

Cholesterol (linked to heart diseases)

External consumption of cholesterol leads to an excess build-up of cholesterol in our blood streams, clogging our arteries. While milk and other animal products contain cholesterol, cholesterol is absent in all plant based foods.

Dietary fibre (helps prevent heart diseases, diabetes and cancers)

 Dietary fibre has significant health benefits including normalising bowel movements, lowering cholesterol levels, helping control blood sugar and preventing the growth of cancer cells. While plant based foods are good sources of dietary fibre, fibre is absent in milk and other animal products.

Protein (acidic types of proteins linked to osteoporosis)

Apart from being good sources of calcium, greens, beans, nuts, seeds and lentils also contain higher levels of protein than milk. Additionally, the protein structure of plant based foods is more alkaline in nature that is better suited for our bodies, as compared to the alkaline protein structure of milk and other animal products.

Other nutrients

Plant based calcium food sources also have a nutrition composition of vitamins, minerals and other anti-oxidants that have important health benefits and aid in preventing/controlling heart diseases, cancers, diabetes, kidney diseases and our weight.