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Choco Berry Mini Pies Vegan
And droolworthy Choco berry Mini Pies recipe courtesy Happytailsvegan - Kalpana Mudaliar
Molten cake Vegan
“There is no thing as too much chocolate,” the girl said with a stubborn look." Gooey chocolate molten cake.... by Harini Prakash from ToungueTicklers
Rum soaked cake Vegan
Recipe contributed by Tongue Ticklers - And in Harini's own words...'It is fruity, boozy, very delicious, moist and absolutely makes your Christmas so much merrier! '
Yummy vegan burger
Juicy scrumptious vegan burger... we are loving it!
Every bite of it is pure magic!
Dalimbi Amti
Thick, soft, melt in the mouth beans in a mild gravy...
Fresh homemade coconut milk
Fresh thick homemade coconut milk
neer dosa
Light and lacy dosa' yummy!
Heavenly baked beans and mushroom
Blissful combo of baked beans and sauted mushrooms in a sandwich
Yummy maharashtrian style gawar sabzi
This appetizing Maharashtrian staple is amazing..
Dal palak
Savory dal with fresh palak...
Sambhar flavored mulligatawany soup
Delicous thick and mildly spicy soup...perfect for light dinners
Mangalore white pumpkin coconut curry
A wonderful, mild and tangy coconut curry..
Sevaiyan upma Vegan breakfast ideas
Vermicelli/sevaiyan upma, a light and savory breakfast
Succulent vegan mushroom tikka kebabs
Deliciously succulent, mildly spicy and tangy... mushroom tikkas.
Coconut based sprouts curry
A savory Mangalorean staple...sprouts in a mildly spicy coconut base curry.
Crispy vada with tomato rasam and chutney
Hot crispy delicious vada's that are perfect with spicy rasam/saar or coconut based chutney's
Dal, thick and mildly spicy


Delicious indian staple, made with pulses and spices
mockmeat dairy free biryani
Soya kheema biryani
Vegan bolognese sauce
Rich and flavorful, this bolognese sauce is loved by the most avid meat eaters... :)
Vegan Shepards pie
This vegan shepherds pie is always a major hit... :)