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Vegan almond milk
Delicious thick sweet milk...made from nuts!
Freshness melon and pear
A fresh and healthy way to start your day
Fresh homemade coconut milk
Fresh thick homemade coconut milk
Yummy pear juice
Another surprising and delicious combo
Awesome summer cooler
A super fresh tasting yummy cooler..
Papaya mango twist
A smooth wonderful combination of fruits..
Mixed fruit blend
A flavorful and yet mellow juice that packs a punch in nutrition
Thick banana chiku smoothie
Delightful blend of banana's, chikus and nuts!
Thick mango smoothie
A sinful and thick vegan mango smoothie
Sweet melon freshness
Sweet melon freshness... perfect for a summer day!
Watermelon cooler
A delicious light fresh juice...perfect for summers!
White jamun refreshing cooler
A refreshing cooler with summer fruits
Thick coffee n chocolate smoothie
A dairyfree, rich n thick chococoffee smoothie, perfect for these sweltering days!
Pomegranate n strawberries with watermelon
Yum blend of watermelon, strawberries and pomegranate
Tangy freshness
Add some tangy freshness to your mornings.. :)
The more the berrier
The more the berrier is a super healthy and delicous combo
Watermelon and black grapes
Watermelon and black grapes juice...its amazing... :)
Watermelon strawberry blend
Yummy watermelon and strawberries fresh juice!