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Nutrition, diet and health


Learn how you can improve your health and reduce chances of our worst chronic diseases, by consuming the foods that our bodies are designed to consume and avoiding foods that our bodies cannot process efficiently.


Meat’s negative foodprint: Our bodies are not designed to consume or digest meat. Learn about the substances in meat that leads to some of our worst chronic diseases.


Milk’s negative foodprint: Milk, a food substance widely believed to be healthy is anything but. Learn why the nutrient structure of cow’s milk is suitable for calves, but leads to some of our worst chronic diseases.


Vegan’s positive foodprint: A vegan diet is the most natural form of diet for humans, contains all the essential nutrients required by our bodies and is known to both prevent and cure some of our worst chronic diseases.

Diseases associated with diet

Heart diseases, cancers, diabetes, kidney diseases and osteoporosis are all direct results of consuming the wrong food substances. Learn how each of these diseases can be both prevented and also possibly cured by following a diet that is natural to our bodies.