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Adding content

We have tried and make it easy & intuitive for any site user to upload attractive looking content onto OFP Hub. 

Content types

To add content, simply click on the 'add content' link on the user menu, which will take you a page where you have the option to add the following types of content (more content types including restaurants, books and dvds to be added soon). 

Choose the type of content that you wish to add, and simply fill in the fields and save to add that content type.

User posts (not linked to any group), will be displayed on the relevant OFP Hub page, and on your profile pages (making your profile pages mini websites on their own). 



Posting content to a group

Once you are given content creation rights to any group, you have an option to link any content that you create with any number of groups for which you have content creation rights. This is done simply by clicking on the 'link content to groups', as shown in the image below. 

Some tips while adding content

Top image: This image will be shown on the listings of content and on top of your content page. By uploading an image with similar dimensions as those mentioned (typically 3x2), you can ensure that no part of the image will be cropped.

Teaser: This is a short introduction to the content that you have created. This is displayed on content lists, and on the top of your content page along with the image. Only 200 characters will be displayed. 

Tags: Most content types, allow you to associate certain tags to the content, making it easier for users to find content. Please note, that any indiscriminate usage of tagging will be considered spamming, and may lead to a deletion of your content and/or your user account.