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Content guidelines

OFP Hub is a social networking platform, focused exclusively on the 'foodprint of our diet'. OFP Hub has been created precisely to overcome some of the limitations of more generic social networking channels like facebook, twitter etc. 

To ensure quality of the posts, we have very strict guidelines with relation to what we consider 'spam'. This includes

  • Uploading ANY content that is NOT related specifically to foodprint's of our diet
  • Indiscriminate use of tagging, so that your content is shown across all tags even when there is no relevance to that tag
  • Too many posts uploaded with little relevance, meant to flood the OFP Hub pages

Any of the above, may be considered to be spam and could lead to a deletion of your content or user account, at the sole discretion of the OFP admin team. 

We request you to click on the 'report spam' link next to all user generated content, if you believe that content is spam / inappropriate for this site.