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Awareness activities and CSR programs for corporates. has created a set of programs targeted specifically at corporates. There are programs possible for every level of commitment - from simple information displays, one-off or periodic talks & documentary screenings, programs focused around specific events to dedicated & customized CSR programs. 

Are you an employee at a company? Get in touch with your HR and express your interest in holding awareness activities at your work place. Provided you can ensure you do not impact work productivity (e.g. hosting events post work hours or on holidays), most HR departments would be keen to assist. Once you have built enough interest in your cause, you can jointly push your organisation to include your cause as part of their CSR activities.

Below are some of the potential programs that you can launch starting today at your work place.

Simple information displays

All organisations have notice boards and areas where it is possible to set up posters & other information material. Create your own poster or use one of the many posters available on this website (to be uploaded shortly) and display it in a easy to access place. Printing & putting up a poster is extremely easy to do, yet its potential outreach can be very large.

Ask permission from your HR to send out periodic information mailers to your companies email groups. Again, either create your own or select from the many mailer templates available on this website (to be uploaded shortly). Always ensure, your mailers are informative & interesting for your target audience.

Talks & documentary screenings

Arrange for documentary screenings or talks at your workplace. Use marketing material effectively (flyers, posters, emails) to generate interest around the talk or demonstration. Often, your first few events may have limited participation. However, if you choose the right talks & demonstrations, word of mouth will ensure that audience participation increased in subsequent events. Try and create a periodic documentary screening or talk timetable, to take advantage of this effect. 

Learn about best practices and things to keep in mind while conducting talks & documentary screenings:


Annual conferences, training and other events

All companies host annual conferences, training and other events which get together a bunch of people onto a common platform. These are ideal platforms for a range of awareness activities. Set up posters at appropriate locations for people to browse through during their breaks. Contact you HR, and see if it is possible to hold a talk or screen a documentary at these events (participation can be voluntary).

Perhaps the most effective way to spread the message, is to include a number of vegan options during meals (or have a purely vegan meal). This works most effectively when: (a) you focus on vegan foods that are alternatives to traditional animal products (b) have a dedicated section for vegan foods so people can know they are trying something new (c) have information on display with relation to the animals saved, health improved and positive environmental impact by substituting animal products by plant based foods.

Dedicated & customized CSR activities

Most corporates run CSR programs. The damages caused by the livestock industry are vast - from animal suffering, to damaging human health, global hunger and environmental problems. Why not include improving consumer awareness on the damages caused by meat & dairy in your CSR programs.

Please do email us if you are interested in launching CSR programs related to damages caused by factory farming in your organisation. We can work along with you to help create a dedicated and customized program that best fits your needs and has the maximum impact. We can also work along with you to try and create a program that has a close fit with your organisations specializations or area of business.

Examples of simple CSR programs

There is a large number of potential CSR activities that can be conducted at your firm. Below are just a few examples of potential activities:

  • Start with internal communication: We strongly believe that CSR activities have the largest impact when there is a strong employee buy-in for the social activities conducted by the firm. It helps build employee motivation and pride in their workplace. Every CSR program, should ideally ensure they effectively use the activities mentioned above, to firstly improve awareness amongst their employees as the first step.
  • Money contribution: Many organisations may not have the time to develop and run their own CSR activities, but are willing to fund and support the work of others. At, your CSR funds can help fund our ongoing activities & campaigns or we can even develop specific programs for your organisation. If you require to support NGOs, we can help you identify specific NGOs or projects which best further your cause.
  • Vegan dining events: Why not use your CSR activities to both spread the cause and help market your organisation. You could screen documentaries or arrange talks for your customers or vendors, and provide delicious vegan foods during these events.
  • Vegan gifting options: Most organisations send out gifts to their stakeholders on special occasions. This year, why not be imaginative and send out ethical and compassionate gifts. The possibilities are endless - tasty vegan desserts, interesting documentaries, donations in their names, non-leather wallets or visiting card holders etc. You should ideally include some small information behind your cause and the rationale behind choosing a particular gift (such as 'Vegan cookies: understand how our decision to avoid animal products helps save animal suffering, improve your health and save our planet, all at once).
  • Sponsor a resource / project: You could perhaps sponsor an employee to work on awareness activities or specific projects which require funding.