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Creating a group

Users can create as many groups as they desire, by clicking on 'Group' in the add content section. Adding a group is as easy as choosing a group name, with options to upload an image banner and description of the group.

Public & Private groups

When creating a group, you have an option of designating a group as public or private. 

Public groups:

  • Group pages are visible to all site users, including their content and members.
  • A user of the site can join a public group, by simply clicking on the 'join group' tab on the group page (no group admin permission is required. Group admin's have the ability to remove members they believe are not appropriate for the group)
  • When linking content to public groups, there is an option to mark that specific content as 'private'. This allows differentiated content to be created for members and non-members of public groups. 

Private groups

  • Group pages are visible only to members of the group, including their content and members. 
  • Since private group pages are not displayed to site users, non-members do not know about the existence of the group and cannot request for membership. The only way to add members to the group, is for the group admin to manually add them on. 
  • These groups are useful for people looking to co-ordinate on content that is appropriate only for a select set of users. 
  • When linking content to private groups, there is an option to mark that specific content as 'public'. This functionality allows for certain content to be published on OFP Hub pages visible to all site users. 

Group member roles & permissions

The creator of the group is designated the 'group manager' and has all permissions related to that specific group. 

Other group members can be designated and of these 3 roles (at the discretion of the group admin)

  • Member: A member is allowed only to view all content of the group (private & public) and unsubscribe from the group. 
  • Content creator: Members given the role of content creators, have the permissions to add content to the group and to edit & delete the content that they have created. Group members have an option to 'request content creation permissions' on the group page. 
  • Administrator member: An administrator member has similar rights as the group manager. Apart from having the rights to add content, admin members have additional permissions to (a) edit the group profiles (b) add users and manage group members, including removing members and changing roles (c) delete content created by other members of the group. Please note that this role should only be given to trusted users. 

Managing members (for group admin only)

The group manager and administrator members have the ability to remove users from the group & to modify their roles. Admin members have access to a 'Group' tab on the group pages, which gives them an option to 'manage people'. Clicking on manage people will take them to a user interface, which allows for bulk removal and change of user roles as shown in the picture below. Simply select the people that you wish to perform an option on, select what operation you want to do and click on execute.