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Schools & colleges

Awareness activities and programs for schools and colleges. has created a set of programs targetted specifically at schools & colleges. There are programs possible for every level of commitments - from simple information displays, one-off or periodic talks & documentary screenings, programs focussed around specific events to the creation of a grassroot NGO in your school or college.

Are you a student or a teacher? Get in touch with your administration and express your interest in holding awareness activities in your school / college. Most administrations strongly encourage home grown social activities and will help support it in any way possible. This is also something which will add significantly to your resume, when you apply for further studies or work.

Below are some of the potential programs that you can launch starting today, in your school or college.

Simple information displays

All schools & colleges have notice boards and areas where it is possible to set up posters & other information material. Create your own poster or use one of the many posters available on this website (to be uploaded shortly) and display it in a easy to access place. Printing & putting up a poster is extremely easy to do, yet its potential outreach can be very large.

Does your school or college have a group mailing list. Take permission to send out periodic information mailers to the group. Again, either create your own or select from the many mailer templates available on this website (again to be uploaded shortly). Always ensure, your mailers are informative & interesting for your target audience.

Talks & documentary screenings

Arrange for documentary screenings or talks in your school / college. Use marketing material effectively (flyers, posters, emails) to generate interest around the talk or demonstration. Often, your first few events may have limited participation. However, if you choose the right talks & demonstrations, word of mouth will ensure that audience participation increased in subsequent events. Try and create a periodic documentary screening or talk timetable, to take advantage of this effect. 

Learn about best practices and things to keep in mind while conducting talks & documentary screenings:


School / College events

All schools & colleges have annual functions, festivals and a range of other events which draw a large group of people. These are ideal platform for leafeting & demonstrations. Ask for permission to set up a stall at these events - you can use your stall for poster displays, as an area for people interested to seek more information,  to host games / competitions to generate interest or perhaps to sell yummy vegan food options. 

Start a grassroot NGO or social club for your school / college

The largest impact can be created by setting up your own dedicated grassroot NGO or social club in your school or college. This ensures that the work done by you continues to grow, even post your leaving.

See our section on activism of grassroot NGOs for a wide array of activities which are easy to implement, yet highly effective in their outreach potential. Create excitement around your NGO or social club - hold competitions, host events, have debates etc - to increase membership and participation in your activities.