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Simple everyday changes

Small everyday lifestyle changes, that can help you become an activist without leaving your home or office.

Do you wish to speak out, but do not have the free time or resources to devote? By incorporating small changes to your everyday life and devoting not more than 10-15 min a week, you can become a powerful voice for change. Try adopting these simple everyday techniques, and help spread your message starting today.

Social Media

Most of us are members of various social media networks. Social media has transformed the ability of a single individual to spread a message across a large group of people, with limited time or effort involved. For every issue mentioned on our site, we have links to articles, research and videos. Spend sometime going over the resources section for the issue that is closest to you - and like, tweet, share or mail topics of interest to people on your network. 


By getting the opinions of a large group of people onto a single platform, petitions are a highly effective way for the masses to communicate a desire for change to powerful decision makers. Every signature helps. Our petitions page has a list of petitions supported by All it takes is 5-10 min of your spare time to visit this page (updated regularly) and sign up for petitions that you support. Like, tweet and share petitions to drive a larger change.


Our videos section has a vast collection of free to watch and paid documentaries on all issues related to factory farming. The next time you sit down to watch some TV, watch a documentary instead. They are not only interesting & educational, but can be highly entertaining as well. Did you like a particular documentary? Like, tweet and share it with your social media networks. Perhaps call over some friends & family and watch some documentaries together. Check if your school, college, club, association or company would allow you to use a room to screen documentaries for its members.

Be a vocal consumer

As a consumer, you have every right to ask & demand for your expectations of a product. As consumers speak out, businesses are forced to incorporate the changes desired or perish (e.g. child labor used by Nike or Reebok prior to consumer protests). Every time you buy a product, you have an ability to communicate your desires & expectations as a consumer.

The next time you are at a restaurant, ask for their vegan food options and request them to increase the amount of vegan options on the menu. Are you buying cosmetics? Ask if they have been tested on animals. Are you aware of a corporate doing something unpleasant to animals - write in to their PR departments objecting as a consumer to the same. If enough consumers demand a particular product or change, there are very few businesses which will not respond positively.

Vegan entertaining

Are you having friends or family over for dinner? Are you throwing a party? Celebrating a birthday, anniversary or a marriage? These can be powerful platforms to enable change. Firstly, experiment with the large array of different vegan recipes for tradition animal based products. There are excellent vegan cakes, chocolates, deserts, cheeses, spreads, starters and food dishes, often undistinguishable from products that typically use animal products. With a little experimentation & creativity, you would be amazed by how almost every animal based ingredient can be replaced by plant based ingredients - with minor changes to taste or consistency.

Feed your guests vegan cakes, icecreams, vegan curd or mock meats. Explain to people how choosing vegan alternatives for traditional food items, helps save animals from a life of suffering, is healthier for their bodies and helps save our environment, while being delicious at the same time.

Thoughtful gifts

All of us have friends and families for whom we buy gifts for their special occasions or simply to let them know that we care. Very often, we struggle to think up an appropriate gift prior to an occasion. How about a gift of knowledge or a gift of health. There are some fantastic documentaries and books, which are both entertaining and informative at the same time.

The next time you have to give someone a gift, an interesting documentary or book may be very well appreciated, and you may end up gifting someone a disease free life. However, please put in the effort to give someone a gift which they would actually enjoy, as compared to a gruesome DVD of investigative footage. Your gift ideally needs to be something you would love to receive yourself