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User profile

You can think of your user profile page, as your own mini-website related to the foodprint of our diet -- with blog posts, galleries, recipes, videos, articles, research and more to come. 

Remember that any logged-in user, has the right to view your profile page (done by clicking on your picture or name anywhere it is displayed on the site), so only share information that you are willing to share publicly over the internet. If you wish to share any information with a private group of people, you require to create a private group (or a public group with private content). 

To access your user profile page, simply click on the 'my account' link on the user menu.


This tab is shown only while viewing your own profile page. This allows you to update your user profile. This is some brief information about you, which lets others to get to know you a bit better.

You have the following options to update your user profile:

  • Changing password, email and location settings
  • A quick description about yourself and what got you interested in lowering your foodprint
  • Links to your websites and social media accounts, to make it easier for you to promote yourself (if desired)

Content, Bookmarks & Following

These pages are automatically populated once you have created any content, added any bookmarks or started to follow any other site users.

Bookmarks and your following lists are visible to all site users, to make it easier for others to find good content and people to follow. Every time you are bookmarking content or following a user, you are also recommending this content and user to anyone who is viewing your profile. Over time, this will allow faster and more efficient content discovery for people with common interests. 

File browser

This tab can be ignored for all practical purposes, since it has no functionality for non admin members of the site.