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OFP Hub is a specialised social network, aimed at anyone interested in lowering their foodprint. Defined content types, the use of structured tagging, groups and following users allow for a more structured & user friendly form of sharing and finding information than on existing social media channels.  


Promote yourself & others

User profile pages are mini-websites for your content. Provide links to your work, websites, blogs and social media account.

Create, share & discover content

Blogs, recipes, galleries, videos, articles, research, with more to come.

Choose the content you want to see

Follow users or join groups, and see only the content that is of relevance to you. 

Public and Private groups

Create groups and share content publicly or privately within group members

Strict moderation of content

OFP Hub is a social media platform, focused on the foodprint of our diet. Non-relevant content will be deleted.

OFP Hub User Guide

Learn to make the best of the Hub