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A Man's Best Friend - Dog! But are you his best friend too?

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Wed, 12/10/2014 - 11:39 -- Sneha
A real story, to how I came across the cruelty against my Best Friend.

You must have guessed about the topic, I am going to write today.. Well, Today's topic is based on the reality and the very reality that I am going through right now.
The thoughts and words are just "my personal opinion, no intention of personal attack on any individual". Just trying to send a message and spreading it across the world, what I am about to say and what you're about to read..
Well, A week ago, on monday I had my photography trip and was super excited for my short but adventurous one. I was back on tuesday late evening around 8:30. At around 9pm -to 9:15, I hear my mom saying to me that, the dog in our society, who belonged and stayed from past 4 years, has been taken away and dumped far away place from where I reside.. As the words fall into my ears, I could feel my whole body getting numb and my throat clenched with anger and sadness over taking me.. As being an animal lover and unconditional love for dogs, having a pet of my own and realizing the fact that the dog whom I considered my first pet, though she wasn't actually a pet, But because of her, I over came my fear of dogs.. Yes, I used to be hell scared of dogs but by this little furry angel.. I realized the value and love they hold... This brings me to the next step of action against those people who had the guts to catch her, tie her, put her in car's boot and dumped her far away in the middle of the night, with no food, no water, totally unaware of the place and frightened to death.. People, I found those fellows who did this to that baby and got them in to confessing the crime.. YES, CRIME.. Dumping a dog, hitting, killing is a CRIMINAL OFFENSE, UNDER THE LAW FOR ANIMAL RIGHTS, SECTION 428 & 429. Myself being an animal lover, I didn't delay to take action against them, and warned the uncle who confessed of his action, asked him to accompany me, show me the place and get her back, otherwise he would be in serious consequences., thinking that I would cause no harm, he denied, I explained him, under the law he did a criminal offense and made him talk to the well-known NGO, PAWA INDIA.  The worst thing you could expect is, they might not be educated people or they aren't aware of law. But believe me, having them as neighbor from past 8 years, was a shock for me itself, that 2 working professionals in dignified fields, The Man, C.A by Profession and the Woman Teacher in an International school..  The lady (his wife), called me up and bluntly said to me that, "Do what you want, my husband won't come to search with you," Me, always being a rebellious person and never scared to do anything right or to fight for the right thing, I warned her to take her the highway if not my way... "Woman, no matter right or wrong, won't ever give in easily... "So by the help of the NGO, PAWA INDIA, The generous person(Sameer Sir) sent a help of 2 Animal Activists(Pooja Bhandari, Chandra Singh), who helped me get through the fight all day long, with no one by my side, just the 2 of them and my best friend... We argued for 5 hours until she agreed on coming along with us and help her find, That only happened when we had to call the police over to make them understand the law... Pheww!!!
We got in a car, drove all the way back to the place, during the time we were traveling that lady who did this crime, accompanied us, to show us the way.. Well, she started showing her true colors cause when all the while we were fighting at her place, or should i say, the so called office of her husband's near my house.. she was crying, screaming, defending, getting all the ladies from my society and ganging up on me surrounding 8 women and me in the middle.. that was one heck of a fight I ever had in life,... So this lady started a personal attack, verbally, talking bad and negative things about my parents, my late grandmother, doing character assassination on me and what not, to her fellow family member, who herself was a mean and ruthless person... This torture went on for about 30 minutes before we got there, without wasting any minute further we started searching for her, asking people if they have seen any new dog in their locality, calling her name, The lady being a selfish and heartless B***H, started creating a scene there too, We tried to ignore her and continued our search, being an unfortunate situation we couldn't find her.... crying
So the next step according to the law, we took is, we decided to file an FIR against her... She also left in the middle of the search, saying, "Joh karna hai kar lo, FIR bhi karna hai toh kar lo"... and also tried to put political pressure on us, but obviously that didn't work too.. Well then she just poured a bucket of oil in an already lit fire... We decided, the next morning is not going to be happy one for her.. We reached police station in our locality and after 6 hours of arguments and explaining the law to the police itself, calling media, Animal Welfare Officer(Meert Ashar).... They agreed to file the FIR.... Before the day of FIR, When I got home these people were laughing and passing comments, "kutta toh chala gaya aur ab yeh bhi kuch nahi kar paayenge"... Now they understood what all we could do to fight for our furry friends... Today Its been 9 days, no sign of my dog and i am still waiting for her, trying every way to find her... Making pamhlets, making the news viral on social media, sending broadcasts and what not.... They are going to suffer eventually, but if anything happens to her, they are going to regret the rest of their life and would never ever have the nerve of touching a dog with a cruel intention!!!
I just wanted to share my story every way possible.. And with this, I also wanted to say that, "Until and unless you don't poke or harm a dog, they won't harm you, yes there are cases where the dog went crazy and bites everyone, believe me, if this happens BMC people are their to take them away and give them peace once and for all... But harming a dog, doing cruel things to those poor, homeless, defenseless creatures is not going to make anyone powerful or bigger person.. Standing up for them is going to make you one... You don't have to an animal lover to have the empathy for dogs, you have to be a good human.. Share It , Spread it, Stand up for it!!!
"Humanity comes only when you treat every living being equally"