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Those two days with you... For My Precious!!

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Wed, 12/10/2014 - 11:43 -- Sneha
A Rescued Angel!

I found her on 25th September 2014, My little Angel, Precious, who has literally turned in to an angel and left me without bidding goodbye.. A week old pup, found near my locality, nearby to a friend's place...  Suffering from pain and abandoned by her own mother, who was destined to come into my arms and rest peacefully before going far away from me forever...  Two days might seem to be a very small time to get attached to anyone; well you didn't get to meet my precious... The most adorable and tiniest pup, who used to fit in my palm and didn't have enough time that she could see me, These two days, felt like Eternity.. Like I know her from forever...  I wasn't the only one to love her, but she did too.. She had been in my arms day and night in these past two days, never wanting to leave me and be with me all the time... sleeping on my chest and near my neck, feeding milk with my hands.. Was an immense feeling that would never go away.. The motherly feeling that I got, and I hope that she too felt the daughterly love by me... When I woke up this morning, she was gone, she was right beside me and she was gone.... It's breaking my heart that I couldn't save her and that she didn't even get a chance to open her eyes and see me, so that she could remember me... She had to go away quietly.. My little precious, I hope you're now at safe and loving place, where you would get happiness.. Please don't forget me.. Nor will I ever forget you.. The love you gave and the indescribable feeling is ever-lasting... You'll always be remembered, you're engraved in my heart forever...
27th September 2014, 8:45am.... I lost you.. I hope you come back to me someday.. I love you my precious! I am gonna miss you every single day! The emptiness is never going to be filled.. your touch, your love, your crawling towards me, you nibbling my finger, you head that used to keep nodding, everything about you and all of you is missing and will be missed terribly.. I love you so much!! Please come back soon!! The feeling is killing me........
Rest In Peace. My Little Precious Angel!!