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Sambhar flavored upma with coconut chutney & malaga podi
Sambhar flavored upma...light, mildly spicy easy breakfast dish
Crispy tofu slices with stir fried spinach and roasted tomatoes
Crisp tofu slices with stir fried spinach and roasted tomatoes sides..
Dal, thick and mildly spicy


Delicious indian staple, made with pulses and spices
Manoli beeja, tendli with cashew
Typical south indian traditional style, its a simple n healthy way to cook Ivy gourd/tendli
Spicy mock meat curry
Spicy manglorean mock meat/potato curry..traditionally made with chicken
Tendli / Ivy gourd simple n spicy
Simple n spicy.. easy tendli dish
Sauteed Mushrooms: Vegan breakfast ideas
Juicy nutritous mushrooms for a quick healthy breakfast
Every bite of it is pure magic!
Jeera alu
Golden fried poatoes with cumin..commonly known as jeera alu. :)
Dal palak
Savory dal with fresh palak...
Ginger salad
Fresh veggie salad with a delicous ginger flavored dressing..
Quick veggie stir fry
Quick and easy, yummy veg stir fry.. taste bhi! :)
Sambhar flavored mulligatawany soup
Delicous thick and mildly spicy soup...perfect for light dinners
Papaya mango twist
A smooth wonderful combination of fruits..
Fresh and delish coleslaw sandwich
The kind of sandwich that makes you go.. a dreamy...hmmmm
Savory eggplant and mushroom sandwich
A savory juicy mushroom and eggplant sandwich that bursts with flavors with every bite
Coconut based sprouts curry
A savory Mangalorean staple...sprouts in a mildly spicy coconut base curry.
Mixed fruit blend
A flavorful and yet mellow juice that packs a punch in nutrition
White jamun refreshing cooler
A refreshing cooler with summer fruits
Fast and easy noodles
Easy to make and healthy noodle recipe
Baked vegetables on cabbage leaves
Delicous and easy to make.. baked vegetables on a layer of mildly burnt cabbage leaves...divine
Poha, easy, light vegan breakfast
A yum breakfast dish, that can be prepared in a jiffy
 Easy vegan cashew cream raitha
Vegan raitha made of cashew cream..ready in minutes!
Pomegranate n strawberries with watermelon
Yum blend of watermelon, strawberries and pomegranate
Tangy freshness
Add some tangy freshness to your mornings.. :)
Watermelon and black grapes
Watermelon and black grapes juice...its amazing... :)
Khatta alu/potatoes vegan
A tangy creamy vegan potato gravy best had with hot crisp puri's
Cheesy vegan baked potatoes and mushrooms
A hot favorite with guests, and with me. Its just the easiest way to make a scrumptious party dish!
Spicy chickpeas / channa coconut curry
Delicous and spicy chickpeas/channa coconut based curry
Simple healthy Bhindi / Okra
Mildy cooked bhindi that is heathy and yum!