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Easy, fun and yummy vegan recipes

Welcome to Eat! Here we have loads of yummy vegan recipes, a blog with tips on cooking and eating out, a meal plan that helps you plan meals in advance, replacements and substitutes for dairy and meat products and information on nutrition!

We also feature recipes from other bloggers who contribute to ourfoodprint, and help us showcase the amazing variety you can enjoy with pant based options. You may discover cooking has never been this much fun, healthy and the same time. So go ahead check them out!


Yummy recipes that will make you wonder why you ever used so much dairy and meat in your diet!

Pick of the week

Our top choice for you to try this week. 

Meal plans

Meal plans not only make your life easier and more organised, but also save money and reduce wastage. 


Find easy substitutes for replacing meat and dairy products in your diet. 


Shifting to a plant based diet? Or want to get healthier? Here are some important nutrition tips to keep in mind.